Via Afrika Mathematical Literacy Grade 12 Learner’s Book


Full colour A4 textbook.
Beautiful design and illustrations that enhance the content.
Written specifically for CAPS.
Easy to find what you are looking for.
Carefully written language level.
Key terms are highlighted in red.
New words are in blue with definitions.
Activities, exercises, FATs, sample exam papers with memos.

ISBN: 9781415423431
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In this final, exciting year of Maths Lit, you’ll go beyond the boundaries
of your existing knowledge, applying what you already know in
unfamiliar contexts. You’ll be able to analyse, compare and draw
your own conclusions in a number of new situations. You’ll expand
your knowledge of graphs. You’ll do multi-step calculations. You’ll
gain insight into the world of finance as you learn about payslips,
IRP5 and gross income. These are just a few of the useful topics
you’ll cover. You’ll also spend time revising past work for your exams,
and this book contains all the exercises you need to do your best.
Welcome to a year of discovery, of new skills and knowledge, of going
from the known to the unknown – from school to the world beyond.