Free self-publishing for all

WritePublishRead wants to mobilise individuals across South Africa to convince people in their community that reading adds value. By creating reading champions in every community to inspire that community to read, and by providing people with reading material and motivation that will entice them to read, this initiative wants to create a groundswell that will encourage more people to read.

Through WritePublishRead a multitude of authors can be created who can promote their stories to the people around them. With easy access to affordable stories, written by people from the community, a localised momentum will be created that will inspire more people to write and in return more people to read.

Free self-publishing for all

Option One

Self-publish your work with WritePublishRead

• Anyone, publish or not, from anywhere in the world

• Any non-illustrated work

• Any language

• Self-publishing at your own pace

• Free

Option Two

WritePublishRead Assisted Self-publishing programme

• South African writers who have never been published before

• Fiction (not illustrated)

• Previously under-published South African languages and South African First Nations languages

• Free

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