Free Self-publishing for all!

WritePublishRead wants to mobilise individuals across South Africa to convince people in their community that reading adds value.  By creating reading champions in every community to inspire that community to read, and by providing people with reading material and motivation that will entice them to read, this initiative wants to create a groundswell that will encourage more people to read.

Through WritePublishRead a multitude of authors can be created who can promote their stories to the people around them.  With easy access to affordable stories, written by people from the community, a localised momentum will be created that will inspire more people to write and in return more people to read.

There are two options available for you to make use of the WritePublishRead offering:

Self-publish your work with WritePublishRead

  • Anyone, from anywhere in the world (even if you’ve published before)
  • Any non-illustrated work
  • Any language
  • Self-publishing at your own pace
  • Free

This initiative educates and assists individuals to self-publish, in digital format, non-illustrated works they have written themselves. Through WritePublishRead, any person can learn how to write and how to publish their non-illustrated texts digitally for everyone who has access to a phone or any other digital device to read. The process is easy and completely free for the author. The author can set the price they want their readers to pay. Authors retain the copyright to their work.

The steps available to any person writing in any language:

  • Register below or by clicking here;
  • Follow the free online course WritePublishRead’s How to Self-publish for Everyone or access the text in PDF format;
  • Publish your eBook through the Smashwords platform, promote it and teach your audience how to access it and read it in digital format on their phones, tablets, PCs.

If the author is not eighteen years old and thus not of an age that they can enter a contractual agreement, their parent or caregiver will have to publish the work on their behalf.

WritePublishRead Assisted
Self-publishing programme

  • South African writers who have never been published before
  • Fiction (not illustrated)
  • Previously under-published South African languages and South African First Nations languages
  • Free

If the author is writing in a previously under-published language (IsiNdebele, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, SiSwati, Xitsonga, Tshivenḓa, IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, South African First Nations Languages), and if the author has never published a book before, there is an additional WritePublishRead option available.

Once you have registered on the WritePublishRead website and worked through WritePublishRead’s How to Self-publish for Everyone, you might feel that you need some assistance.  A limited number of authors will be assisted annually through the complete self-publishing process. In order to apply for assistance, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Write the work of fiction (not illustrated)
  • Wait for the first week of March annually and submit the manuscript digitally on the WritePublishRead website (only electronic submissions through the website will be accepted).

WritePublishRead will only accept certain fiction genres.

Click here for more details.