eBook ePub for Tablets: Via Afrika Geography Grade 11 Learner’s Book


Interactive eBook of Learner’s Book embedded with videos, animation, sound clips and more enhancements for use on a tablet.

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ISBN: 9781415444160
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This is the digital version of this book, for use on tablet devices. Click here for more information on our different ebooks.

This is your perfect opportunity to enrich your knowledge of South Africa and the African continent. You’ll see how weather and climate affect the way populations live, just as you’ll see the impact of human activity on the environment. You’ll get to know more about water resources, the challenges involved with development, and the issues surrounding energy production. You’ll also find out how, over time, horizontally layered rocks form some of South Africa’s most striking natural features, and you’ll gain valuable skills as you study topographic maps and aerial photographs. Everything you learn will give you a better appreciation of our world and our place in it. You may even be considering a career that relies on your geographical knowledge. This book will help you on your way.