Via Afrika Xitsonga Life Skills Grade 2 Teacher’s Guide


The series was written to be aligned with CAPS.
A possible work schedule has been included.
Each topic starts with an overview of what is taught, and the resources you need.
There is advice on pace-setting to assist you in completing all the work for the year on time.
Advice on how to introduce concepts and scaffold learning is given for every topic.
All the answers have been given to save you time doing the exercises yourself.
Also included is a CD filled with resources to assist you in your teaching and assessment. See the inside front cover.
A Question Bank with tests you may photocopy will help you assess your learners effectively.

ISBN: 9781415428023
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Via Afrika ya twisisa, yi tekela enhlokweni na ku seketela ntirho wa wena
tanihi mudyondzisi. U na ntirho wa nkoka swinene eka dyondzo, kutani
hi lemukile leswaku vutihlamuleri bya wena byi katsa swo tala swinene
ku tlula ku dyondzisa ntsena. Hi tikarhatile swinene ku hlayisa nkarhi wa
wena na ku ku olovisela vutomi, naswona ha tinyungubyisa ku kota ku ku
pfuna ku dyondzisa eka dyondzo leyi hi ku humelela.