Trudy’s Time and Place House (Grades R-3)


Multimedia courseware (supplied on CD)

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Multimedia courseware (supplied on CD)

  • Animated, audiovisual educational software
  • Ideally suited to prepare children for Maths, Science, Language and Social Studies concepts
  • Available in English (US) only
  • Four titles available:
    • Millie’s Math House
    • Sammy’s Science House
    • Bailey’s Book House
    • Trudy’s Time and Place House
  • Used as tutor in the absence of a teacher
  • Used by teacher in the classroom so that teacher can give individual attention where needed
  • Used for lesson preparation – especially by young teachers
  • Experienced teachers can use it as part of their teaching by introducing specific concepts to learners in an engaging way
  • Excellent tool for individual learners and homeschoolers, as the sessions can be viewed repeatedly until the learner understands the concepts.
  • Teachers or learners themselves could use this for study‐group support