eBook ePub for Tablets: Via Afrika Life Sciences Grade 12 Learner’s Book


Interactive eBook of Learner's Book embedded with videos, animation, sound clips and more enhancements for use on a tablet.

ISBN: 9781415444511
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Why do some species on Earth succeed, while others fail? How do some organisms come to
possess extraordinary features such as camouflage and immunity to diseases? The secret lies
in DNA, where mutations occur and are passed down from one generation to the next, thereby
providing physical advantages that help ensure survival. This is just one of the fascinating
strands you’ll explore this year. You’ll also study the nervous system, the senses, human
reproduction, and reproduction in invertebrates whose specialised structures and processes
ensure survival in the environment. Not only will you end up with brand-new knowledge and
skills you can apply in further study and your future career – you’ll also have a renewed
appreciation for the wonder of life on our planet; life which it is our responsibility, as humans,
to protect.