Via Afrika Natural Sciences Grade 9 Learner’s Book


Full colour A4 textbook.
Beautiful design and illustrations that enhance the content.
Written specifically for CAPS.
Easy to find what you are looking for.
Carefully written language level.
Key terms are highlighted in red.
New words are in blue with definitions.
Activities, exercises, FATs, sample exam papers with memos.

ISBN: 9781415419144
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There are many things in this world that we can see with our eyes,
but there are even more that we can’t. This book will introduce
you to cells: the tiny building blocks of all life on Earth. It will also
show you chemical reactions, how plants use the Sun to breathe
and grow, and how the human body works. You’ll also learn about
mining and minerals, as well as many other interesting things about
the natural world. You might even find that this new knowledge
attracts you to a career involving natural sciences. It’s your life, and
your choice. Make it the best it can be.