Corporate Social Investment

Via Afrika acknowledges the need to give back to the community it serves, and that has been part of the company’s success. To this end, we maintain a positive involvement in Corporate Social Investment programmes. Via Afrika has demonstrated this commitment in the following ways over the last few years.

National Teaching Awards

Via Afrika is a proud sponsor of the Department of Basic Education’s Annual National Teaching Awards.

Via Afrika Digital Education Centres (VADECs)

Via Afrika Digital Education Centres (VADECs) are converted shipping containers filled with 30 tablets, a computer, Wi-Fi internet access with Via Afrika sponsored data, more than 400 Via Afrika ebooks, apps and other digital content, as well as Via Afrika’s printed books and other library books (where applicable). In partnership with Breadline Africa and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, we donated 3 digital centres, situated in the Free State, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Via Afrika launched a fourth VADEC in the Eastern Cape in February 2016. The teachers in the four schools where the VADECs are located are trained on a regular basis on how to use technology, how to plan and present a lesson incorporating digital material and how to facilitate and manage the use of technology in education.

Training across SA

Capacity building via skills transfer is a vital element of the Via Afrika CSI work. Via Afrika offers digital education workshops to educators across South Africa as well as in Botswana. These training workshops have been well received by both officials and teachers as it equipped them with knowledge on the use of technology in the classroom and how to integrate it in the curriculum.

Children writing to grow smart

It is our privilege to work with Growthpoint, the Western Cape Education Department, the Eastern Cape Education Department, and these talented Intermediate Phase writers to publish these anthologies of experience and imagination since 2014. Every year we are presented with stories that move or delight; artwork that shows aptitude and insight; and a passion that invigorates us in our tasks. We look forward to being able to participate in further projects of this worth.

To download the Growsmart books for free, click here.