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Complete the form below to submit your manuscript to the WritePublishRead Assisted Self-Publishing Programme. Please note that all manuscripts that are uploaded must be in Microsoft Word document format only. Remember, you can only submit one manuscript per year.
Content rules: No images, no pornographic content, no hate speech, no libel, fiction only.

Troubleshooting information appears at the bottom of this page.

I confirm that I have never had a book published before, in print or digital format.I confirm that I am submitting a Word (.doc or .docx) file.I confirm that the manuscript meets the requirements for its genre (see below).I am the sole creator of the work being submitted.I confirm that I can only submit one manuscript for this submission, and that this is that manuscript.I agree to the Via Afrika terms and conditions and Media24 Privacy policy (see below).




Having problems submitting your manuscript? Make sure that you have done the following:


  1. Complete every field in the form. You can’t submit without completing every field, and ticking all of the boxes.
  2. Make sure you are uploading a Word document. We only accept Word documents (files ending in .doc or .docx). The form won’t accept any other file types.
  3. Make sure your file is smaller than 5MB in size. To find out your file size, right-click on it, then select ‘Properties’. You will see a label called ‘size’ which will tell you how big your file is.


Still can’t submit your manuscript? Give us a call on any of these numbers and we’ll help you before you can say #WritePublishRead: 072 244 9509 / 076 511 8963 / 082 413 4290

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