Digital learning in schools and android users

Intermediate Level


Apps for teachers for demonstrations and content creation

5 PD Points

  1. Apps for demonstrations
  2. Apps for content creation
  3. Incorporation of apps into lesson plans
  4. Integrated use of apps in the classroom (including TPACK (Technical, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge), Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition))
  5. Google Play Books and Kindle (including TPACK, Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and SAMR)
  6. Interactive whiteboards, including Explain Everything
  7. Note-taking apps (OneNote, Evernote, Papyrus)
  8. Book Creator (including TPACK, Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and SAMR)

Assessment Task

The participant answers multiple-choice questions via email or online

Required Existing Tablet Skills

Entry Level (Standard)

 Online training


per 2-hour session