know and use your android tablet device

Beginner Level


All About Android Tablet Devices

5 PD Points

  1. Tablet types (operating systems; screen size; memory; RAM; speed; brands and quality)
  2. Physical device (buttons; camera; audio player; pens)
  3. Taking care of your device
  4. The home screen, icons, pages and the app drawer: getting around (navigation, menus, pinch and zoom, screenshots, launching apps e.g. the camera and audio player apps)
  5. Tablet orientation
  6. Connectivity (WiFi; 3G; Bluetooth)
  7. Data usage (what uses the most data; how to check usage; how to limit usage)
  8. Battery life (what uses the most battery power; how to check usage; how to limit usage)

Assessment Task

The participant answers multiple-choice questions via email or online.

Required Existing Tablet Skills

Entry level (Novice)

 Online training


per 2-hour session