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Via Afrika CareerCompass

Via Afrika CareerCompass has been created to help you decide which career path might be the perfect fit for you.

The app can be used in three ways:

  • Take each of five quizzes to find out which careers your interests and aptitudes indicate are the best fit for you.
  • Choose the subjects you already have to see which career fields and careers your subject choice opens up for you.
  • Browse through a growing list of careers to see which subjects are suggested for each one, and browse currently available jobs online to see how big the market is for that job.

Via Afrika CareerCompass has been developed with industry experts to give you an indication of your interests and aptitudes. It is not a replacement for professional career guidance.

Via Afrika CareerCompass is available in Afrikaans as Via Afrika LoopbaanKompas.

Via Afrika Test-Urself

Test-Urself from Via Afrika is the perfect study-buddy for every learner in South Africa.

The app tests your knowledge and skills in all your school subjects with a set of free questions. More tests on specific areas of each subject can be bought from within the app. Detailed feedback on each question you answer will ensure that you make a success of your exams, and boost your confidence as you see your results improve!

With so many questions hand-picked to test your knowledge and develop your skills, Test-Urself will quickly become your revision resource of choice.

Via Afrika Test-Urself is available in Afrikaans as Via Afrika ToetsUself.