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SACE Provider Number: PR12890

Via Afrika has developed a bouquet of Change management, Android-based and Windows-based training courses for teachers to grow their knowledge, skills and confidence in digital technologies and digital education practices at the Via Afrika Digital Education Academy.

In partnership with the Department of Basic Education.

How does it work?

Face-to-face training

In these 2-hour training sessions, you will meet in a group of a minimum of 10 teachers and the expert facilitator to complete the session. You will receive a set of session notes. You will be able to do the assessment after the session in your own time, and submit it by the due date.
These training sessions are held across the country when numbers allow.
If you have a group of at least 10 teachers who are interested in the training, click the button below.

Cost: R570 per two-hour session

Online training

Log in online and do the session at your own pace. The sessions are made up of videos as well as online activities and assessments. You will be able to download a set of course notes to guide you. You will be able to do the assessment after the course in your own time, and submit it by the due date.
We currently offer 72 sessions from Courses 1 to 8 as online training. Scroll down for the full Via Afrika Digital Education Academy curriculum.

Cost: R125 per two-hour session

Please note: You need to bring your own Android tablet device or Windows tablet device as well as charger and extension cord to face-to-face sessions, or have access to one for online sessions, depending on the session you are attending.


All training courses are being submitted to the South African Council for Educators (SACE) to be endorsed with the relevant Professional Development (PD) points. In addition to this, you will receive a certificate issued by Via Afrika, as well as a digital badge for inclusion in your online profiles to show others just how you are developing your digital knowledge and skills.


For the face-to-face training, you will need to travel to the venue at your own cost. At the venue, you will need to have an Android tablet device or Windows tablet device, depending on which session you are attending.

For the online training, you will need access to an internet connection as well as an Android or Windows tablet device. You will also need a computer to view the training on while you work with your tablet. You can view the training on any internet-connected computer, anywhere.

The curriculum

The Via Afrika Digital Education Academy offers a variety of training sessions, categorised into theme-specific courses. The infographic below provides a broad overview of the different sessions. You can download a detailed catalogue by clicking the button below.

I was chosen to be in Via Afrika’s “I Support Education” crowdfunding initiative, that raises funds for selected teachers to do Via Afrika online training sessions. It was the first time I had ever studied online using a tablet! I was so scared, but eventually, when I went through the notes, I started to enjoy it. Then I went on to the questions and I answered what I had just read about. I have now experienced more about technology which are used by most people nowadays. I want to thank Via Afrika for uplifting my knowledge in the study of technology.

Thokozile Margareth Zwane
Teacher, Sohlazane Primary School, Mpumalanga

I found the online training to be very well designed in terms of the quality of the content and delivery. It was an amazing learning experience. I now prefer taking other courses online rather than face-to-face like I did before. I just applied to take Master’s degree through an online programme because of the wonderful experience I had.

Bonolo Sedupane
Entrepreneur, Gauteng

The online training was highly practical and relevant, enhances learning and retention with expert support and one can track progress.

Sanele Ian Thusi
Teacher, Gauteng